Sur la route de Great Falls


There is no fucking way I am going to live there. Nothing to do over there. Nothing to hope. It's just windy and windy and it's cold and the wind comes from the North and nothing can stop the air from blowing. It just flies and flies and runs through the immensity of Canada and even further were no one lives except eskimos and polar bears. Look at me now ! Look at me ! Give me this fucking wheel ! For Christ's sake, stop ! Please stop !

Why would I go there with all this wind and nothing to stop it ? Why would I fucking go there ! You turn around now, you hear me ! Turn around, please.


1. Le vendredi 6 juin 2014, 13:20 par matthieu

definitely going south, yes

2. Le vendredi 6 juin 2014, 17:37 par Antoine

Le vent se lève aussi au sud.

3. Le samedi 7 juin 2014, 12:10 par Matthieu

Il fait chaud a l'est