Mot-clé - Tuol Seng S21

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jeudi 22 mars 2007

Tuol Seng - S21

In 1975 a few months after the fall of Phnom Penh, the khmers rouges
turns the Tuol Seng school into an interrogation and prison facility.

Some says S21 stand for S as in Securite;
2 for "deuxieme bureau" (second office);
1 because everything is dependant on brother number 1, also known as Pol Pot.

It is known that between 14.000 and 17.000 persons were arrested
and turned into S21 for interrogation.

Arrests were done on a large scale, and for nothing.
If you had glasses, you were suspected of being able to read.
Taxi's were a target as they were used to be in touch with foreigners,
therefore able to speak other languages.

7 survives.

S21. Phnom Penh. August 95.